Case Study

Building A Business from the Ground Up On the Salesforce DMP Platform


Dirk Wischnewski and Christoph Krüger founded several online companies and were executives at leading B2B publishers and business directories prior to founding Aumago. They founded Aumago after they realized that the German market lacked high-quality audience data for B2B companies. Clearly, B2B publisher websites, trade show websites and business directories each host valuable audiences that, if captured and segmented, can help German B2B marketers drive campaign efficiency and performance. The two entrepreneurs decided to launch Aumago, a Berlin-based startup that specializes in turnkey B2B data-driven digital campaigns. Their mission was to help marketers identify their ideal target audience, as well as reach them across the digital ecosystem.

The Challenge

In order to succeed, Aumago would need a robust data management platform (DMP) that enabled it to capture, analyze, segment and activate people data from across hundreds of business directory sites.

Because Aumago’s founders wanted to monetize data from websites owned and operated by other companies, data security and site performance were key concerns. Aumago needed to assure their partners that no data would be leaked or used in any way that they didn’t authorize, and that the data-collection tags would have no impact on site performance.

The Solution

Aumago used Salesforce DMP's technology to gather, unify and activate people data across multiple sites. Salesforce DMP also provided Aumago with the ability to offer clients real-time personalization of audience segments, audience discovery and cross-screen analytics.

With the Salesforce DMP in place, Aumago began forming partnerships with industry-specific portals to help monetize their people data. The audience segmenting capabilities enabled Aumago to identify and target key business decision makers.

To ensure there was no impact on site performance, Aumago leveraged Salesforce DMP's SuperTag, an intelligent real-time gateway for provisioning data across channels, partners, and content experiences. SuperTag is designed to capture the entirety of people’s online journeys, allowing Aumago to identify and engage with individuals through intelligently personalized content.

At the same time, Salesforce DMP's Data Sentry enabled Aumago to eliminate latency problems, proactively identify suspicious behavior and identify potential data leaks. 

“Salesforce DMP's turnkey platform has allowed us to go from zero-to-sixty in the market. Because Salesforce DMP has all the pieces in place, we didn’t need to build the technology from scratch. This is incredibly important for a start-up, because it enables us to reach profitability very quickly.”

The Results

Thanks to Salesforce DMP, Aumago is now open for business, offering user-based online advertising for businesses that need to reach premium audiences. With agreements in place for more than 270 B2B publisher websites, trade show websites and business directories, Aumago helps advertisers reach the decision makers who regularly visit these business portals.

Since it’s founding, the company has:

  • Signed 270 B2B platforms to use its service
  • Launched more than 600 data-driven B2B campaigns based using Salesforce DMP technology
  • Reached 18M unique business users on behalf of its advertiser clients, collected via Salesforce DMP


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