Case Study

Banzai Uses Salesforce DMP to Unlock the Value of its Audience and Sees 9X ROI


Banzai Media is the leading Italian eCommerce company and one of the country's most important digital publishers.  Every month the company reaches more than 18 million Italians with its content and services.  Banzai has access to a range of key audience segments including, women, techies, millennials, foodies, travelers and news consumers. 

The Challenge

Banzai recognized it required a cutting-edge data management solution that allowed it to realize the true value of its data.  Banzai needed a solution that could help it identify users and audience segments using data gathered from online and offline data sources. The company wanted the ability to target those segments with relevant and appropriately tailored commercial content. Banzai also wanted to unlock the value of its audiences through the sale campaigns across well-defined segments. It knew it would need to do this while also complying with all applicable data privacy regulations and cookie policies.

The Solution

The Banzai team chose Salesforce DMP as its data management solution for several reasons. First, as a pure technology player, Salesforce DMP has no conflict of interest with its clients. Salesforce DMP never has — and never will — profit from its clients’ people data. Banzai was also attracted by Salesforce DMP's ability to ingest data from many sources both online and offline silos (analytics, display, behaviour, search, social, CRM, email, app). 

Banzai was also impressed with Salesforce DMP's precise and integrated real-time segmentation capabilities. The company also valued Salesforce DMP's ability to discover and target granular look-a-like audiences. At the same time, Salesforce DMP's focus on data protection and its detailed reporting and yield analytics capabilities also stood out to Banzai. 

Finally, Salesforce DMP's ability to offer turnkey integration with all the major players in the advertising technology and marketing technology ecosystems (DSPs/SSPs/Ad Servers/CRMs/CMSs) was vitally important to Banzai. 

As Banzai began using the Salesforce DMP's platform, its team appreciated the clear picture the platform presented of the company’s data across all silos. Banzai also came to value the Salesforce DMP's platform’s ability to quickly build high-quality segments, based on disparate pieces of data. Banzai was also able to extend its audiences based on the platform’s lookalike feature that uses algorithms to identify similar and wider audiences. These audience clusters allow Banzai to customize content and messages for users, based on interests and characteristics. 

Salesforce DMP has emerged as a complete and user friendly technology, well integrated with tools used by our company. Since Banzai decided to implement Salesforce DMP it has been possible to identify new specific audience and this has given us the opportunity to increase both our offering and revenues

The Results

Salesforce DMP helped Banzai unlock the value of its people data by breaking down silos and creating new insights into its audience. As result, Banzai realized a 9X ROI on Salesforce DMP.  


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