Case Study

Salesforce DMP Powers To Help Advertisers Reach Targeted, Precise Car-Buyer Audiences On and Off Its Network


For today’s e-commerce companies, it is no longer sufficient to retarget consumers based on the web pages they previously visited. 

Savvy marketers understand that deeper insights —context, behaviour, and purchase — are necessary to deliver relevant messaging and win the attention of customers. 

The Challenge is an automotive news and classifieds network that accounts for more than 80 percent of all consumer activity spent on automotive sites in Australia. That makes the Carsales audience extremely valuable to car manufacturers and other advertisers in the automotive industry. 

Automotive businesses have a very short window of opportunity to reach consumers in the car-buying process. Car-buyers typically get serious 12 weeks before they make a purchase. During this period, their online research increases across Carsales’ websites, as well as dealer sites. This is the ripest time for advertisers to reach car-buyers.  

But there’s a big difference between people shopping for a car versus researching wheel specifications for upgrades. Carsales needed to understand these distinctions to meet advertisers’ demand for highly specific audience targets. In addition to behavioural data, the company needed the ability to target these relevant audience segments on its network and external sites.  

To unlock its people data, Carsales required a data management platform (DMP).

The Solution

Carsales chose Salesforce DMP to unify, analyse and activate its people data across screens and channels —including mobile devices and apps.

“With its complete architecture, Salesforce DMP was the obvious choice,” said Sam Granleese, Head of Insights & Analytics at “Salesforce DMP delivers a granular level of data segmentation, enabling us to build personalized customer profiles and message precise segments across the Internet.”’s customer profiles have proven valuable to its marketing department and advertising clients. The company further monetizes its segments with an audience extension service: through their partner Audience360, Carsales securely transacts with advertising partners looking to reach its automotive audience. Through Salesforce DMP real-time audience data management, these advertisers can target active car-buyers with a video ad featuring the exact car model the consumer is looking to purchase.

From our partnership with Salesforce DMP, Carsales has seen a dramatic increase in both the yield and revenue that we derive from audience data — onsite and off network. This has led to a significant return on investment.

The Results

Through Salesforce DMP's detailed audience segmentation and precise targeting, has seen a 300% revenue increase in audience extension sales. To date, the combined direct and indirect advertising sales of Salesforce DMP-powered segments is having a significant impact on revenue. And with continued advertiser demand for’s specific car-buyer profiles, these revenue increases are poised for additional growth. 

In addition to Salesforce DMP's best-in-class audience segmentation and secure data sharing system, has benefited from Salesforce DMP local engineering and service team, leading to a true partnership.

Across the board, Salesforce DMP has helped Ltd use its valuable first-party data to build advertising and consumer products that are head-and-shoulders above what the rest of its competitors are offering.


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