Case Study

Conagra Cooks Up More Effective Advertising Campaigns


Conagra Brands (NYSE: CAG) is an approximately $8 billion company that combines a rich heritage of making great food with a sharpened focus and entrepreneurial spirit. The company’s brands include, Healthy Choice, Hunt’s, Slim Jim, Reddi-wip, Alexia, Blake’s, Frontera, Bertolli, P.F. Chang’s and Marie Callender’s.

The Challenge

Conagra’s digital marketing team already experienced tremendous success leveraging Salesforce DMP to drive its dynamic creative optimization program. Using the data it assembled within the Salesforce DMP platform, Conagra launched the creative optimization program to ensure that its advertising was engaging consumers with hyper-relevant messages.

Yet even as it was enjoying this success, the Conagra team knew there were other opportunities to derive even more value from its data-driven marketing efforts. Specifically, ConAgra wanted to increase the efficiency of its programmatic media buying by managing the frequency with which individual consumers were exposed to its campaigns. It also wanted to reduce the number of advertising impressions it wasted on non-human traffic, also known as invalid traffic (IVT).

The Solution

Conagra worked with Salesforce DMP to design a solution that addressed both of these critical challenges. By using the media exposure data that Salesforce DMP collects for Conagra, the company was able to ensure that consumers were exposed to its digital campaigns an optimal number of times. The Conagra team determined that consumers should be exposed and view its advertising messages about 20 times per month. Exposing consumers to any additional messages over this period had demonstrated rapidly diminishing returns on its advertising spend.

Salesforce DMP's media exposure data informed Conagra when a consumer had reached optimal number of exposures to a Conagra campaign. Conagra was able to add these consumers to a “suppression segment,” which ensured they wouldn’t be exposed to any additional messages over a set period. The company could then redirect the advertising spend that would have been spent on these consumers to reach other consumers, who were underexposed to the campaign, thereby reaching an increased number of new people to convert as new consumers of their products.

Separately, Conagra leveraged a partnership between Salesforce DMP and analytics company comScore to reduce its exposure to IVT.  The costs of invalid traffic (IVT) have taken their toll on the digital media industry through not only wasted ad impressions but depressed ROAS.

comScore was able to provide Salesforce DMP data about online users that had been identified as non-human or IVT. Salesforce DMP used this data to create a suppression set of these users for Conagra, which would ensure that the company would exclude these non-human users from its campaigns.

“Working with Salesforce DMP, Conagra Brands has been able to take our data-driven marketing to the next level. We are continuing to find new and innovative ways to engage consumers more effectively and efficiently using data.”

The Results

As a result of the frequency management and IVT initiatives, ConAgra saw a 5X return on value of its investment in Salesforce DMP.  Additionally, less than 2% of its ads are now exposed to non-human traffic, representing a 50% reduction in its IVT exposure.


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