Case Study

Salesforce DMP Helps Groupe M6 Dramatically Improve Audience Insights and Targeting


Groupe M6 is a French media holding company, formed around the commercial television channel, M6. Launched in March 1987, it is now the second largest private broadcaster in France, spanning several TV channels, which collectively attract more than 24 millions viewers each day. Diversification is in the media company’s DNA; today, more than half of its revenue stems from ancillary activities, such as content acquisition and production, film distribution, licensing, entertainment, football club, teleshopping and e-commerce.

The company’s digital arm, M6Web is equally ambitious (the subsidiary recorded 1.2 billion digital video views across its network) and receives 14 million unique visitors each month. Its entertainment platform, 6play, is hugely popular, and its app is the most frequently downloaded app in France.

The Challenge

Although Groupe M6 possessed extremely valuable assets, it lacked the tools it needed to fully understand its audiences and, in turn, guide its advertising clients to target their ideal audiences. In fact, some of its critical segments, such as women aged 25 – 49, offered advertisers just 38% accuracy.

To address this concern, in November 2014, Groupe M6 launched Smart 6tem, a digital strategy to enable the company to better understand its audiences, and to improve campaign targeting to qualified audiences. The company first focused this new initiative on programmatic advertising.

“Prior to Smart 6tem, we didn’t have the intelligent tools we needed to manipulate data in operational teams. And programmatic wasn’t handled internally,” said Nicolas Capuron, Marketing Director, M6 Web. “But we knew with the right technology vendor, we could better monetize our audiences, and provide improved brand experiences for both our advertising clients and viewers.”

Groupe M6 knew it would need to implement a data management platform (DMP) to achieve its goals. With a broad spectrum of businesses, Groupe M6 needed a DMP that many of its employees could use without extensive training and that didn’t require significant data analysis skills. “We saw no point in purchasing and implementing a DMP if it was too complex for our employees to use. Ease-of-use was paramount,” said Mr. Capuron.

The Solution

The Smart 6tem team reviewed the leading solutions in the marketplace and selected Salesforce DMP as it met all of Groupe M6’s criteria including: ease of use, video specialization, robust technical capacities, and its ability to analyze and create relevant audience segments on the fly.

“As a solution, the Salesforce DMP has a relatively light technical roadmap and was a very easy to implement. As a result, we were able to meet our ambitious launch schedule. Salesforce DMP also helped us send a very positive signal to the market, which is, we’re committed to helping advertisers executive extremely effective campaigns across our properties,” explained Mr. Capuron.

“The improvements have been quick and sustained. Over the next year we will calculate the ROI of Salesforce DMP, and anticipate it will be significant. Salesforce DMP made it easy for Groupe M6 to implement and sell data-driven audience segments,”

The Results

Almost immediately Groupe M6 saw significant results, and after only months, Smart 6tem saw significant results including:

  • 2x improvement is audience-segment effectiveness. Salesforce DMP helped Groupe M6 improve the target coverage of its most widely used audience segments, for example its effectiveness in reaching women 25-49 grew from 38% to 68%. These advances were meaningful to many of its cleints, such as Unilever, and P&G, that are particularly ROI focus.
  • A 10% - 15% lift in CPMs. With more accurate targeting and strong ROI, Groupe M6 is able to charge a premium for its audience segments. As a result, the company experienced a lift in CPMs for many of its segments.
  • The wide adoption of the platform. Salesforce DMP's easy-to-install platform and cost-controlled implementation has made it possible for Groupe M6 to deliver better audience to its clients, and achieve an important goal for the media company.


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