Case Study

Salesforce DMP Helps AARP Harness its Audience Data to its Fullest Potential, While Simultaneously Protecting its First-party Data and Member Privacy.


The Challenge

AARP caters to people age 50 and above, a demographic that accounts for $2.9 trillion in annual spending. As a result, AARP’s audience — made up of 37 million members — is an extremely desirable audience for a broad range of marketers. While AARP clearly perceived the potential of its audience data, the organization lacked the tools and technology to create premium audience segments that can earn higher revenue, while protecting its people data.

The Solution

After a careful evaluation, AARP adopted Salesforce DMP's data management platform (DMP) because it provided an advanced toolset to protect both its members’ privacy, and AARP’s first-party data. Additionally, it was fast to deploy and easy to integrate with AARP’s registration, subscription, and ad-serving systems. With Salesforce DMP, AARP enhanced its ability to protect against unauthorized data usage, as well as collect, organize, and analyze 100% of its Web-based user data (e.g., page views, clicks, interactions, frequency) across 100% of its screens and 100% of its content.

Salesforce DMP's flexible audience authoring tools enabled AARP to discover and analyze proprietary audience segments, which it used to communicate to its members, build more valuable advertising products, reach tailored audiences at scale, and improve pricing across its direct sales and programmatic channels.

Our investment in audience selling & the Salesforce DMP platform has allowed us to recoup our annual investment in Salesforce DMP in just 2 months.

The Results

The Salesforce DMP solution has helped AARP in seven distinct ways:

  1. Delivered an extremely short time-to-value, resulting in 14x ROI.
  2. 200% higher CPMs for audience-targeted inventory.
  3. Reduced third-party data expenses by replacing it with AARP-owned assets.
  4. Provided greater value to advertisers by creating distinctive first-party segments for targeting.
  5. Created a new revenue stream for custom products and RFP responses, which are tied to proprietary applications of AARP data.
  6. Delivered a highly sophisticated technology stack that allows AARP to safeguard its members’ privacy, as well as AARP’s first-party data.
  7. Generates higher-quality leads and conversions on an ongoing basis.


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