Case Study

With Salesforce DMP, Meredith Unlocks the Power of Its First-Party Audience Data to Drive a 34% Lift in Revenue


Meredith serves more than 100 million consumers, and attracts 55 million unique visitors to its 15+ properties every month. Meredith also owns and operates the largest database of U.S. women of any media company, and employs dozens of data scientists to optimize targeting and identify trends and intent to serve both its consumers and advertisers.

The Challenge

Meredith’s 15+ media properties were distributed across multiple data platforms, eliminating any opportunity to leverage the full breadth of its highly valuable audience data on its core demographic: women.

Additionally, Meredith lacked the ability to develop a unified view of its customers. As a result, Meredith had to rely on costly third-party data to meet many of its advertisers’ targeting requirements. The situation came to a head when the company acquired Meredith knew it needed to consolidate all of its properties onto a single data platform, but with active campaigns running across its numerous sites, the process posed daunting risks. A new platform would need to provide a seamless transition at scale, and no campaign interruptions.

The Solution

Meredith selected Salesforce DMP as its data management platform (DMP) provider. Salesforce DMP's flexible architecture – along with its ability to collect and unify data from multiple sources – meant the consolidation process was flawless and fast to implement. In just four weeks Salesforce DMP enabled Meredith to collect 100% of its valuable audience data, including articles read, ads clicked and social sharing across all screens, as well as leverage its audience assets to build and deploy robust audience segments in real time. Today, Meredith is able to meet the needs of its advertiser clients using its first-party data, as well as proactively develop media solutions that exceed its advertisers’ criteria.

We surpassed our expectations for audience targeted campaigns because of our ability to quickly deploy Salesforce DMP. We had the complete support of the Salesforce DMP team throughout the process who helped to ensure a smooth transition and address our complex needs. Salesforce DMP has become a true strategic partner to Meredith and with them we see significant success for Meredith.

The Results

Meredith exceeded its revenue expectations by 34% within the first three months of deploying Salesforce DMP. Today, audience-based campaigns are built primarily with first-party data, enabling the publisher to drive long-term profitability from its people data. More importantly, Meredith is able to help its advertisers reach and engage their ideal audiences, both within the Meredith properties, and across the Web via Salesforce DMP's audience extension capabilities.


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