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Salesforce DMP Helps Media Giant Sanoma Boost CPMs by 36% and Delivers 6.1x ROI


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Sanoma's portfolio of brands includes both our learning solutions and our learning companies, 6 organisations over 5 European countries that consistently rank among the best in their national markets. 

The Challenge

Sanoma is a leading media company in Europe, offering content that inspires, informs, entertains and educates its audiences. The company manages some of the most beloved media brands in the Netherlands across all media channels, including print, digital and television. Its web properties receive more than 40 million unique visitors per month.

The breadth of this digital audience is one of Sanoma’s biggest assets, touching virtually every industry sector, from news, auto, sports, to lifestyle, fashion, and comparisons websites. Although audience targeting has long been available in the Netherlands, there was no clear market leader capable of delivering high-quality first-party people data at scale.

Sanoma realized that by harnessing and activating its people data, it could increase the yield on its digital assets. More importantly, this approach would help its clients reach the right audience, improving the brand experience for both advertisers and readers. At the time, its existing data management solution didn’t offer the tools Sanoma needed to transform its first-party data into a robust revenue stream.

The Solution

Sanoma implemented the Salesforce DMP solution, enabling the publisher to unify, analyze and activate its people data across multiple screens and sources. Salesforce DMP helped Sanoma to monetize vast amounts of premium inventory by allowing it to construct specific audience segments that were highly valued by its advertisers.  For example, one of Sanoma’s biggest clients is an automotive advertiser. Through its owned and operated automotive websites, Sanoma is able to gain deep insights into the specific brands and models its site visitors prefer. Salesforce DMP helps Sanoma activate that data, thereby enabling the car brand to target the right consumer with the right auto message, which improved campaign efficiency and results .

For example, one of Sanoma’s biggest clients is an automotive advertiser. Sanoma has with her automotive websites deep insight into the specific brands and models its visitors preferred. Salesforce DMP enabled Sanoma to allow this client to use this data to target the right consumer with the right automotive message, which helped improve campaign efficiency and results.

Salesforce DMP enables us to monetize our high quality first-party data at scale. It also allows us to really drive business results. Not only does Salesforce DMP help increase our overall ad revenue, but it enables us provide highly relevant advertising for our clients and our readers. Those are wins for everyone

The Results

Salesforce DMP helped Sanoma realize a 36% increase in CPMs in a single business quarter, delivering a 6.1x return on its investment in Salesforce DMP. The lift in CPM continues to provide Sanoma with revenue growth opportunities. 


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