Case Study

Seeking Alpha Realizes 24X ROI By Unlocking The Value of Its Data


Seeking Alpha was created 12 years ago as a platform to meet the needs of investors in the ways that equity research and traditional journalism fall short. Over 5 million readers flock to Seeking Alpha properties each month for its crowd-sourced investing ideas (13,600 tickers covered), a highly specialized breaking news product, and coverage of 4,000+ earnings call transcripts each quarter.  

The Challenge

In order to derive the most value from this platform, users provide Seeking Alpha with registration data about investments in their portfolio, trading habits, investment interests, and their profession.  Over 36% of the readers on Seeking Alpha are financial services professionals, a highly valuable audience for financial marketers.

Seeking Alpha knew its proprietary data was extremely valuable. The demand from marketers for the ability to target marketing to financial professionals outpaced the available its on-site inventory. This meant that Seeking Alpha was turning business away.  

The Solution

Seeking Alpha tapped Salesforce DMP to help gather, analyze and activate its first-party data.  Salesforce DMP enabled Seeking Alpha to build highly accurate lookalike segments using its own data, which proved much more accurate than third-party offerings.  Seeking Alpha also used its own data to identify its heavy users and then develop strategies to continue to engage and retarget these users. Additionally, Saleaforce DMP enabled Seeking Alpha to launch audience extension initiatives that allowed Seeking Alpha to further unlock value from its audience. 

Salesforce DMP enabled Seeking Alpha to realize the true value of our first party data, which helped us to grow our revenue at a faster rate than our audience by boosting our eCPMs.

The Results

Seeking Alpha realized a 24x ROI on its investment with Salesforce DMP within a year.  Salesforce DMP allowed the company to grow its ad revenue at a faster rate than its audience by increasing the value of its eCPMs by a significant percentage.  Seeking Alpha also reaped additional revenues from a lucrative audience extension program entitled “Alpha Reach” targeting some of it most coveted segments including, financial advisors across other news sites.


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