Case Study

The Telegraph Unlocks the Value of Its Premium Audience with Salesforce DMP and Sees 13x ROI


The UK-based Telegraph Media Group is known for its award-winning, investigative editorial and is among Britain’s most premium publishers. 

The Telegraph’s digital properties attract more than 90 million unique visitors each month. 

The publisher reaches a relatively affluent premium audience coveted by advertisers that includes key audience segments in areas like automotive, food, travel, fashion, luxury and financial services. 

The Challenge

The Telegraph had been in market with behavioral audience targeting for several years, and was therefore considered a pioneer in digital audience science.  As The Telegraph continued to expand and deepen its data operations, the company knew that it needed to find a cutting edge data management solution that would enable it to take a more holistic and strategic view of its data. In short, The Telegraph wanted to future proof its data management.

One of the most significant challenges The Telegraph faced was that it was unable to merge its offline CRM data with its online data to create richer and more robust audience segments. It understood that it needed the right data management platform to deliver on the promise of merging these two data sets. Additionally, The Telegraph wanted to leverage third-party data in a meaningful way to articulate the value of its premium audience.

Finally, The Telegraph required a solution that would provide simple and actionable access to multiple execution platforms in the digital advertising ecosystem, including forecasting tools and programmatic exchanges.

The Solution

The Telegraph chose Salesforce DMP as its data management platform to help it achieve these goals. It was able to onboard its offline data quickly, and integrate Salesforce DMP’s audience segmentation capabilities with its inventory forecasting tools to derive meaningful insights and audience segments for its advertisers.

By leveraging Salesforce DMP robust first, second and third-party capabilities, The Telegraph was posied to deliver incremental revenue for the business.

While we have had a longtime commitment to data-focused advertising, Salesforce DMP helped take us to the next level with its flexible integrations. Our increased ability to make offline data actionable as well as our enhanced forecasting have generated tremendous value for The Telegraph.

The Results

The Telegraph achieved an overall increase in revenue of 17% in its first year of working with Salesforce DMP, and 59% increase in its second. Overall, it realized a 13x return on investment (ROI) in Salesforce DMP.


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