Case Study

Unidad Editorial Leverages Salesforce DMP to Unlock The Power of Its Data Lake


Unidad Editorial, S.A. is a leading Spanish publishing group. Its digital properties include some Spain’s most widely read publications including El Mundo, Expansion and Marca.

The Challenge

As one of the leading digital publishers in Spain, Unidad Editorial collects valuable audience data across its digital properties. Like many of its competitors, it uses its data to create valuable audience packages for its advertisers. However, the leadership team at Unidad Editorial takes a visionary approach to its data management and audience segmentation.

The publisher assembled an in-house data science team to help it build a “data lake,” which would store all of its data about users. Unidad Editorial knew that the data lake could be tapped to derive insights that would be incredibly valuable to its business. However, it also understood that its data lake would require the right technology in order to manage and activate this data.

The Solution

The Unidad Editorial data science team chose Salesforce DMP as the technology platform that would allow it to unlock the full power of its data. Specifically, the team used Salesforce DMP to enrich the audience segments it built with additional second- and third-party data sets. Once these data sets were unified on the Salesforce DMP platform, the Unidad Editorial team could further leverage its lake by building segments that had a high-propensity to optimize for the outcomes that benefited advertisers, such as post-click conversion. Indeed, since the publisher is building its segments using data modeling, it can even develop segments that optimize around the KPIs of individual advertiser clients.

Salesforce DMP also provided the publisher with the ability to activate these segments in platforms across the entire programmatic ecosystem, such DSPs, SSPs and ad servers.

“Digital advertising is changing rapidly as the industry adopts a data-focused approach that allows us to optimize around an advertiser’s critical business metrics such as conversion rates rather than the traditional focus on click-through rates. Salesforce DMP has provided Unidad Editorial with the technology that allows us to adapt to these changes quickly and at scale.”

The Results

Unidad Editorial saw a 50% increase in both conversion rates (CR) and click though rates (CTR) on its segmented audiences, when compared to campaigns that do not employ audience segmentation. In some campaigns, the publisher has even witnessed a greater than 3X CR and CTR on its segments.  

These results have had significant and measureable impact on the publisher’s business. In one example, Unidad Editorial was able to retain and grow a large automotive advertiser account because of the strong results its segments produced for that advertiser.


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