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with Deep Audience Insight

Webinar - The Role of the Agency In Data Management

It’s a complicated and fragmented digital world out there. As an agency, it's your job to help your clients leverage audience data — what we call People Data — and make the most of their marketing spend. The Krux platform and services suite can prove to be a critical driver of success.

Krux has evolved well beyond its DMP roots, now serving as an Intelligent Marketing Hub, helping marketers capture, unify, and activate data to orchestrate more relevant, more valuable experiences across all consumer touchpoints, no matter which channel they are on or which device is in their hands. That’s the premise and power of People Data Activation.

Krux powers true 1:1 marketing at scale, drawing on the widespread adoption of our platform and services and our unrivaled 3 billion-strong global browser and device reach. Krux is the only choice for leading marketers looking to survive and thrive, delivering:

With Krux, you can help your clients:

  • Shape their data, segmentation, and targeting strategies. and map first-party audiences to existing addressable media channels, executing and optimizing audience-based buys across multiple channels.
  • Manage the marketers’ ecosystem of technology providers (e.g., search marketing platform, DSP and social platforms).
  • Through Salesforce DMP | Link, find untapped pools of premium second-party data, and tap new media activation paths for their own first-party data.
  • Perform campaign analysis, perform A/B testing, perform path-to-purchase analysis and deliver multi-channel attribution reporting.
  • Optimize media investment through global frequency management and smarter spend allocation across channels; optimize media execution through A/B testing and sequential messaging; and maximize ROI and effectiveness of your marketing initiatives, leveraging data to minimize media waste and battle non-human traffic.

Most importantly, Krux focuses solely on data infrastructure and services. Krux doesn't buy or sell media, and we don't operate a data exchange, so you can rest easy that our business objectives always align with yours and those of your clients. 

Krux gives us the technology firepower to capture what women are telling us about their desires, affinities and aspirations, make sense of it, and then take action using it across screens and platforms. Krux plays a critical role in assisting us in delivering meaningful experiences to women across all life stages, and more valuable media results for our marketing partners.