Capture, Unify, & Activate

Any consumer engagement strategy is only as effective as the DMP architecture that powers it. First-generation DMPs, which emerged a few years ago, established a foothold in the media industry as hubs for centralizing siloed data. Since then, it's become increasingly evident that first-generation DMPs lack the capacity to address the variety and velocity of big data. For businesses, this means major limitations, chiefly around real-time audience management. 

Salesforce DMP has no such limitation. From data in to data out, it's real time––at the right time, the right frequency, anytime. That's because Salesforce DMP is architected around completeness: the total view, recall and capture of 100% of people data across all systems and silos. With a complete system, all data is fully available for retrieval and activation at any time, even if you didn’t define, specify or refer to it in the past. Salesforce DMP delivers the total recall, on-demand intelligence and real-time activation of people data, which empowers your business to deliver customer experiences at web velocity across any channel, screen or system. 

With the complete Salesforce DMP comes real-time, no limits Audience Data Management including:

  • Unlimited levels of segmentation of audience data from any source
  • Audience discovery to build new theories or infer new results
  • Unified measurement and optimization
  • Real-time adjustments to audience segments
  • Significantly decreased waste in advertising spend
  • Optimized conversion rates for high ROI
  • Audience extensions to expand high-valued targets
  • Advanced analytics with prescriptive insights