Manage Global Reach and Frequency

Advertising pioneer John Wanamaker famously said he knew half of his advertising budget was wasted, he just didn't know which half. With Krux, you see and save the wasted half. You also have the option to redirect those dollars to other marketing investments that measurably improve sales and brand engagement.

Krux Cross-Channel Frequency Management lets you deliver the right number of customer touches before your marketing or advertising campaign becomes annoying or otherwise ineffective. 

First, Krux helps you calculate the optimal frequency range by testing and measuring the ads your customers actually view, click on and convert through. Then, we deliver real-time instructions to all your media-buying, CRM and digital execution platforms. Our 1:1 decisioning engine stops targeting people who have reached the optimal frequency limit set for your campaign.

With Krux Cross-Channel Frequency Management, businesses:

  • Decrease operational costs
  • Reduce millions in marketing waste
  • Optimize media acquisition efficiency and ROI
  • Deliver dazzling customer experiences

Krux makes it all happen every day for marketers, agencies and publishers all over the globe.