Making Every Touchpoint Count

Welcome to the Age of the Consumer.

There's a new normal: a sea of millions of people with individual desires and shifting motivations. And, in a world where people zig and zag across channels and devices at will, the "funnel” has collapsed. In its place are individualized, unpredictable journeys spanning multiple screens and experiences.

Cross Device Customer Journey

With Salesforce DMP Consumer Journeys, you get an aerial view of where your customers are and where they’re headed across screens, systems and channels. With a granular understanding of individual interests and behaviors, you can support your best customers at the most critical points in their journey, influence high-potential prospects exactly when they’re ready to engage, and retain vulnerable customers before they switch to a competitor.

Salesforce DMP Consumer Journeys give you:

  • Complete, highly specific customer profiles across all channels and devices
  • The ability to send the right message at the right time, frequency and sequence on any channel
  • Multi-channel, multi-screen analytics to manage and measure conversions, spend and campaign performance
  • Unlimited audience profiles to cultivate specific customer personas