Understanding the Individual

People appreciate being recognized and understood. Consider the example of your neighborhood coffee shop: proximity and convenience are the initial reasons you become a customer, but what keeps you coming back is the barista who greets you by name, anticipates your order and makes your drink exactly the way you like it. This personal interaction, repeated and enriched over time, leads to an emotional connection that turns you into a regular customer. 

As the physical and digital worlds continue to blend together, businesses have a big opportunity to bring that coffee-shop level of real-time, personalized engagement to consumer experiences. It starts with recognizing individuals across all their interaction channels. That's where Salesforce DMP Cross Device Identity Management comes in: our solution enables you to identify people and deliver precise experiences tailored to individuals across online channels and screens in real time. 

Salesforce DMP's Cross Device Identity Management solution unifies all user-volunteered and approved data signals from online and offline sources. Then, we apply the best combination of declared and statistical methods to accurately and anonymously identify each unique individual across all devices––desktops, tablets, mobile phones, set-top boxes, wearables and connected appliances.

Through Salesforce DMP's holistic view of each person’s journey, you gain granular insights on unique preferences, so you can orchestrate personal, engaging and timely customer experiences in real time and right time. What’s more, Salesforce DMP's learning and predictive algorithms enable you to continuously fine-tune campaigns for better customer engagement and ROI.