Krux Builds Header Bidding Designed For Data Transactions

AdExchanger covered the launch of Krux Link's header bidding solution. 

Here's an except:

By rolling out the tech, Krux adds a media-buying capability to Krux Link, the data exchange bazaar it’s run for the past couple of years. Via Link, advertisers and publishers bought and sold data but went elsewhere for media.

Now marketers can add Krux’s header-bidding tag to buy data and media through Link across publishers that installed Krux’s header tag. That streamlined process reduces cookie loss and bypasses tech fees from the SSP and exchange. SSPs often charge publishers 10% or 15% of all the media, and exchanges take another cut, while Krux Link said it takes a single 25-cent CPM fee on transactions.

“When you attach media to data, and you cut out all the people in the middle that are taking a fee, you get strong performance,” explained Michael Moreau, COO of Link’s data cloud.

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