White Paper: The Role Of The Agency In Data Management

A new Econsultancy white paper by Krux VP for Global Data Chris O'Hara explores the changing role of media agencies as the marketing world embraces data-driven strategies. 

Here's an excerpt:

Over the last several years, modern marketing has evolved rapidly. Consumers, who only a few years ago could be reached at scale through a few media channels, now spend their limited time consuming media across a large variety of devices, spanning desktop, mobile phone, tablets, and over-the-top devices. They watch more television than ever, but skip more ads; they listen to more music, but less on terrestrial radio; they read more news, but less from traditional sources. They shop more frequently on mobile devices, and are influenced through multiple social channels – and the vast influence of their networks has quickly scaled ‘word of mouth’ to be the most powerful mover of products and services.

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