Digiday - Krux named Pubs’ Favorite Start Up

The technology world is known for churning out startups focused on the needs of advertisers. Call it the Willie Sutton principle: might as well go to where the money is. But increasingly, the pendulum has swung to startups that cater to the needs of publishers.


Krux is an ad tech company based in San Francisco that helps publishers protect, manage and make money from their audience data. Publishers love and fear data. They love it because it’s the new crude oil of the digital ad economy. They fear it, however, because data is often collected without publishers getting a fair cut. Krux promises to fix that by allowing publishers to collect and parse information on their audiences in a data-safe manner — and then go out and make money.

One publisher said, on condition of anonymity because their outlet doesn’t work with Krux, “What we find interesting is their focus on tools for publishers: ad viewability, publisher controlled DMP, allowing publishers to aggregate and leverage their first-party data.”

The company was co-founded by Tom Chavez and Vivek Vaidya in 2009, and is estimated to have 25 employees. Krux has raised $11 million from Accel Partners and IDG Ventures.