Krux Makes EContent’s Trendsetting Products of 2014

EContent includes Krux in their recently released selection for Trendsetting Products for 2014.

EContent magazine, a leading authority on digital publishing, media, and marketing, today announced its first annual list of Trendsetting Products. For the first time in its history, EContent's editorial staff put together a list of the tools it feels are addressing the needs of this ever-changing industry.

"As the list of available tools of the digital content trade grows, it becomes more important to differentiate between the products that get the job done and the products that are staying ahead of the curve, anticipating the needs of their users," says EContent editor, Theresa Cramer. "Here at EContent, we turned to our inboxes, to our coverage, and to our contributors to find out what those trendsetting products are in 2014."

EContent looked across the spectrum, but was especially heartened to see the number of tools aiming to help publishers deal with Big Data, manage the total web experience, and find new ways to monetize content. 

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