About Salesforce DMP | Link Index

Salesforce DMP | Link Index brings transparency, trust, and efficiency to people-centric marketing.

Marketers and publishers do not know how to value the eyeballs, ad slots, and attention units of the people grazing their content or engaging with their brands. By applying Krux proprietary analytics to the very large, anonymized data sets captured within Krux's cloud, Salesforce DMP | Link Index provides real-world price trends for distinct classes of audience assets, calculated from billions of real-time bidded and direct-sold transactions.

This helps marketers, agencies, and media companies establish stable benchmarks to inform buying, selling, allocation, and ROI analysis of people-centric media. Further, it brings greater transparency, control, and confidence to Salesforce DMP | Link, the first peer-to-peer market platform for enabling access to premium audience assets at scale.

Krux is pleased to offer this base set of Link Indices for free as a public service to our customers, partners, and to the industry at large.

About the data in the Salesforce DMP | Link Index
The data sample is drawn from transactions via the Salesforce DMP | Link™ data connections platform. The categories listed in the ticker correspond to the advertiser types participating in those transactions. The dollar value listed is the effective CPM (eCPM) associated with the data used to target advertising campaigns. It excludes the associated media costs, thus showing a ‘pure’ view of data value. The second figure in the ticker is the index value corresponding to each category and eCPM. The index value indicates how each category performs relative to whole, above or below the median (median=100).